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1. Is it possible to receive your service in Thailand or Singapore? Or any other country?

You can apply for our product from any country of the world. We are successfully working through mail with our international partners and customers.

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2. Do I need to present my country’s Drivers License with unofficial I.D.D.?

You need to present your original driver’s license along with unofficial International Driver’s Document.

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3. How do I become your agent?

In order to become an agent, please follow the agent instructions, and fill out the agent application. After your application is received, we will assigned an agent number to you in order to track your applications. You may find detailed information by clicking on agent information.

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4. What is PDF application?

Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view PDF documents you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To read more about Acrobat Reader or to Download please click link below.

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5 . How long does it take to process and receive unofficial International Drivers Document?

Should you require urgent deliver, please use our expedited service. You can find this services at the bottom of the page.

It takes IADC 24 hours to process your application and mail complete document to you. IADC has several mailing options (please visit shipping prices for additional information) thus you may receive your document next business day or next week.

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6. How do I renew your unofficial International Drivers Document and how much does it cost?

In order to renew your unofficial IDD you need to send us a copy of your expired unofficial IDD along with a passport size picture,renewal fee + shipping and handling (please visit our price tab) and a renewal request. Your unofficial IDD will be renewed in 48 hours.

Please be advised that you should not renew your unofficial IDD if your original driver’s license has expired.

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7. I lost my unofficial International Drivers Document what do I do?

If you lost your unofficial IDD and would like to receive a duplicate please follow this procedure:

  • go to status check
    type in your first and last name print out result page (with your number and expiration information)
  • print out result page (with your unofficial IDD number and expiration information)
  • mail your print out along with the renewal fee + shipping and handling (please visit price tab) and a request to issue you a duplicate.
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8. I moved, so I want to change my address, what do I do?

In order to change any information on your unofficial IDD you need to send us a copy of your existing unofficial IDD along with the fee + shipping and handling (please visit price tab ) and a new application form with new address.

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9. I am not in my home country now, what address should I put on the application form?

You should put same address that appears on your original driver’s license.

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10. My mailing address is different, I want you to mail my document to a different address.

You should use our PDF application form, and indicate where you would like your unofficial IDD to be mailed.

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11. I lost my original drivers license, may I apply for unofficial International Drivers Document and drive with it?

The answer is NO, you may not apply and drive with unofficial IDD. Unofficial International Drivers Document is an unofficial translation of your original driver’s license from the country of your residence.

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12. My original license will expire in 8 months, can I still use unofficial International Drivers Document?

Your original driver’s license supersedes our unofficial translation. Therefore, you may only use unofficial IDD until your original license expires.

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